I Stand Alone By Bryan White

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Came across this song called I Stand Alone by Bryan White..while browsing youtube for a certain song. Me...Likey!

I have not slept for 2 days... well last night I did get some shut eye...for like an hour or so before jolting awake. Too many thoughts running through my head until it's affecting my sleep and my appetite....VODKA AND SPRITE TIME!! DELICIOUSLY REFRESHING! hahah

Destined to Walk alone

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Juste un pion dans votre vie. Quelque chose que vous utilisez et jeter quand vous n'avez plus aucune utilité. Peut-être que je n'aurais pas ouvert mon cœur et aimé à nouveau. Qui sait? Peut-être que je suis destiné à marcher seul dans cette vie.

chanson préférée actuel ....
Au-delà du monde je me promenais
Pour trouver une naissance dans ma mort
Et à la couronne de mon voyage
J'ai vu l'aube loin

les restes épars de la beauté
Derrière les ruines de la carie
C'est le destin de l'âme déchue

Destiné à marcher seul
Avec aucun sur le côté et aucune au-dessus

Mon temps est venu, encore une fois
Pour le soul survivor
Qu'est-ce une existence solitaire
Dans cet univers de la mine
La meilleure chanson pour décrire comment je me sens et ce que la vie est faite pour moi.
En grandissant, j'ai dû me battre pour mes deux parents l'amour et maintenant le vôtre. Il n'est jamais facile. Je suis toujours à la fin perdre si je pourrais aussi bien arrêter maintenant et de réaliser que je suis destiné à la vie d'une seule vie.

J'espère que cette salope baise tous les meilleurs et de prier, elle ne ruine pas votre vie. Ou sa mère folle foutu ruiner votre bol de riz. J'ai été très patient et le temps est maintenant venu pour moi de vous laisser aller totalement. Je travaille ma façon de quitter le pays à nouveau et quand je fais c'est pour de bon. Soit partir et de travailler ailleurs où ou quitter la terre pour de bon. La vie n'est jamais facile et pour être honnête je suis malade et fatigué de se battre pour ce qui n'a jamais été censée être la mienne ou avec moi. Un enfant maudit depuis sa naissance et toujours une malédiction à tous.

Pour tous une très bonne journée. Je vous la vie sans ma présence ... une fois pour toutes:). RJ qui était autrefois aimé n'existera plus. Maintenant, seuls les égoïstes RJ existe.

Dîner s'est arrêté comme cela avait peu d'appétit pour manger. il jeté dans les toilettes. Maintenant, avoir mon verre de vodka super fort mélangé avec sprite et quelques bâtons avant d'aller au lit.

Novemeber 2009 update

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I think I have abandoned this blog for a bit too long now. The time has finally come to start jotting this down again in this little space of mine.

Many things / incidents have come and gone since I last update. Some good some sad and some crazy and some I have no idea how to classify them. >_<"

The saddest part of it was when I had to put my beloved 4 legged baby to sleep forever. She was on a losing end of her battle with cancer and I could not stand to see her suffer any longer. Her body is buried at the back of my childhood home where mom now resides in Port Dickson. Her tomb marked by a pile of rocks I placed with messages from Mom, Daphne and myself *SOBS*. But hey she is in a better place, free from suffering and looking over mom from Doggie Heaven =).

Career wise, things are finally picking up. I joint one of the top hotel in Kuala Lumpur. It is a tough hotel to enter but I did it and from what I heard it is hard for other races (except Chinese) to get the position of a Corporate Trainee... which once again yours truly managed to grab the one spot offered each year!! WEEE!!!! Earning a decent salary and as of Monday I shall be in the department that I want to progress in. I shall be working under/for one of the most premier working Lady boss in the country! *Jumps for joy* lol.

They say it's hard to work under her. I do not doubt them. But heck... I love the challenge and as long as I maintain a good and positive attitude towards my work I shall excel in my field. Nothing is easy in life... through hardships we can one day enjoy a wonderful life ahead *fingers cross* . For now I just have to mentally and emotionally prepared as of Monday onwards I shall start a new phase in my training programme catered to mentor me into being a level 3 employee (asst manager).

Right now I am chilling at Coffee Beans at BSC (Bangsar Shopping Complex) while the other half attends a function. Anita Sarawak is HERE!!!!! *Drools*

LOL.... alright I guess I am going to stop here. Time to get back to some serious FBing... need to reply msgs etc.

Finally ...

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Without fail, I have managed to neglect my poor blog and disappear from the blogging world – yet again. Boy oh boy, I pity my ears because they had had the share of listening to the nags I received about updating my extremely neglected blog. Somehow, though there is a lot that I want to pen down here, the inspiration to just sit down and do so fails me. Photos and the likes are piling up and the editor of them isn’t too pleased at me since I’m passing the buck rather than editing those photos myself. Hehehe.

*bows down Nippon style*


Since I had the urge to write something, I thought I might as well do so while the bug is still in me. So, yes, I’m typing this out on Word Pad at work since it’s a quiet night as yours truly is back on graveyard shift for the whole of this week. It’s a shift that I have come to like doing in this particular hotel as it enables me to avoid meeting those imbeciles that I work with at the establishment and honestly, never in my life before have I seen such a dysfunctional hotel with certain members of the staff thinks so ever greatly of themselves.

Well, I’m in the mood to bitch … So, pick up your ears and listen to me.

Why do (some) Asians have this ridiculous idea in their mind that by dating a “white” person (be it American, Australian, British, vice versa) that is automatically gives them the right to brag endlessly about their assumingly “higher” status and the power to look down on others? Are they so superficial and so ignorant to the fact that a person is still a person regardless of their skin colour? These people are so … Hmm … The phrase we often use in French … Ca va pas!

Actually, no pun intended for the paragraph above because there is one person at work that loves talking so ever proudly of her American partner and how she spends money on what would be considered luxury goods for others working in the establishment. I think people who brags about these kinds of thing are just so low – their mentality and maturity. Putting down others indirectly by making such statements made me look down on that person knowing that I am an Asian who had had a modern upbringing and have traveled and seen the world – regardless. People like that should pipe down. Anyway, I do not see the difference if one is dating a white, black, yellow, pink (etcetera) person. To me, what matters is the inner beauty of the person rather than his/her physicality.

All right, I think I got pretty carried away when it came to that topic … Resuming back to normal blogging mode.

It is almost 0600 hours and somehow I have a feeling that I am not going to be the one retyping this on my blog later on. Hehehe. My poor ‘bullied’ roommate is most likely going to type and post this with the selected photo(s) as well because once I reach home … It is shower and bed time for me! YAWNS!

Mix Platter

Going back to the 14th of February. The day started with my roommate, Kyels, trying to get me out of bed. Yes, it takes me ages to wake up most of the time. Anyways, the day was spent with us dining at Belly Good courtesy of a good friend. Dylan, Kyels, and my skanky little cousin, Steph, had a blast and by the end of the meal, boy, our bellies were feeling good.



The food were delicious and I can drool just thinking about the meal over and over again. Thanks for the treat, my friend! As usual, Kyels was busy snapping photos of other people’s food the minute it got served while Dylan was busy taking photos of us – the humans! I managed to steal their cameras for a while and took some shots. Some were okay, but most of them were blur. Hey, I’m still learning, okay?!

We bought a book for the skank as a belated birthday gift since we could not find any ‘dodos’ around. Her reaction when she realised the book we gave her was really a damn sweat case. Apparently, mom had lent her the book and she is in the midst of reading it! Bummer! A return trip to Borders at Times Square to change the book and the only difference this time is that we took her along. Oh! They were giving away free Wall’s ice creams there too! Trust Steph to know this kind of information so we queued up for it and ended up with two ice creams each! Well, skank the piglet managed to gobble both her ice creams just like Dylan and since Kyels and I could not finish ours, the piglet decided to approach strangers and give them away!

*laughs out loud*

I’m really starting to babble away now … And I’m going to drink my Gatorade at the back office and give someone a wakey wakey call!

Ooo … Thanks Kyels, for posting this for me and also giving me the permission to use your photos. Hehehe. See, I said thanks in my post because I know you will be doing it for me. Such confidence I have … Hehehehe. Guten Nacht!

Note: I'm posting this for the lazy ass with my account and she bullies me often! Really! Hahaha! You owe me something ... For passing the buck to me always. Haha!

**Edited 22nd Feb 09 **
Yaya I always bully you!! Liar Liar boxers on Fire!! LOL
Thanks again dearie.


Paddington Travels in Class

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Paddington Bear in Liz Claiborne bag! (Don't play play, I travel only in style)

Actually, no other title to think of that was suitable for this post … Lalalala!

It has been a long time since my last entry. Two freaking months since the previous one and anyway work has been consuming all my energy including my brainpower. Frankly speaking, the current 5-star hotel that I am working in has a long way to go from being an actual 5-star establishment because of the mentality – not only of the staffs but also the whole management.

On the other hand, things outside of work have been pretty much the same except for the little surprises I received few days ago. I now own a cute “kuchi” Liz Claiborne handbag and my finger now bears a glittering Swarovski crystal ring.

I Evighet

Oh, I have another addition to the teddy family. Finally, we have managed to fill up the twenty stickers quota in exchange for the tiny Paddington Bear we wanted from Guardian. And hopefully by Sunday the real Paddington Bear from London will join this ever-growing group of teddies that complain every night because they get accidentally tossed out of bed.


Oh ya … I read on Little Skank’s blog … Hahahahaha … You better watch out as you will be getting those two unwanted anchors. Maybe I should get someone to massage them for you every night as to prevent the appendages from sagging all the way down to your feet … HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Off topic; thanks to someone for taking time to snap those photos for lazy me. Hehehe.

Anniversaire dîner au Marché...

It was the last Saturday of my "medical leave" period and how did I spend it?? LOL... The best way I know how to... Stuffing myself silly. LOL. Joke! Actually, we finally celebrated Dylan's super belated birthday at Marché which is located at The Curve, Damansara.

Marché is a pretty cool place and I fell in love with their concept of a market place. Simple yet it has an attractive atmosphere that creates a very relaxing and a homely feeling. Marché which basically means market place in French was basically designed with market style concepts all around and the large variety of food and beverages they served were delicious and reasonably priced. Oh, I forgot to mention --- the restaurant has a Switz concept.

*laughs hysterically loud*

As many already know, yours truly is Switz crazy. So, there was a bacon bit of walking down memory lane. Especially with the cuisines offered. Hehehehe. A must have when one talks about Suisse cuisines is "Rösti" which is derived as a potato dish from Switzerland and a very filling one I might add. It was a dish I got addicted to during my time in Switzerland

*grins cheekily*



Okay, back to the dinner event.

Let us see... Dylan picked us up from our pad and once we reached The Curve, we blind folded him when we arrived and was about the walk towards the restaurant. It was hillarious watching him 'waddle' so ever slowly until I told him to put his hand on my shoulder and guided him towards our chosen venue. Now, with me being "naughty", I blinded him with my sleep mask which resulted in strangers pointing and laughing. It also made the mime artist guy "bully" Dylan even more

*rolls on the floor laughing with hands on my tummy*



Now the mimer seemed to enjoy 'disturbing' Kyels younger brother, Ting Yang. He kept coming back to our table and disturbing the lil fella. Then again, the lil fella also loved disturbing him back so dua dua also same sweat case. LOL.

Ooh..... at the end of the dinner, I couldn't resists the urge to take picture with the cow painted in Switz trademark and colour. Photos taken by mon cheri Kyels.


"RJ Goes All Moooooo Ala-Suisse"

The night ended with us chilling at Laundry while sipping or gulping (whichever you decide to call it) our bottle of Smirnoff Red with our chosen mixers.

That's all from me now as its already 2326hrs and I've got to rise and shine by 0400hrs. I'm finally going back to work tomorrow.


Daphne's Piano Graduation Recital

By Kyels

I'm posting this on the owner's behalf because she was unable to post it up due to the unavailability of Internet connection in her place. Anyway, Daphne's recital will be held tomorrow at University College Sedaya International and she will be playing seven songs from one variation to another and all in instrumental form.

If you're able to attend, do come and give the graduating students support at the scheduled venue!